About 4 years ago the cornerstone of the Gav Yam Technologies park was placed. Back then hearing the words “south Israel” and “startup” in the same sentence, more than a few brows were raised. Fast forward a few years, today the park is home for over 70 companies and 1800 employees. With immense work by the innovation department of the Beer Sheva Municipality, over a 100 active startups, accelerators and other programs to escort the local innovations – all these make Beer Sheva a place of opportunity for the Tech world. The case of our local tech ecosystem is quite interesting and is now an interesting study case for other cities and countries around the world. Each major body has contributed to said growth – a very supportive municipality, a strong academy producing over 8000 engineers annually and of course global brand tech companies. Add to the mixture the IDF’s decision to relocate its tech and communication units to the south, and you get the city with the greatest growth potential in the tech world. Still, even with all of this immense progress something was missing, what? A strong startup and innovation community to push the city into a “tech culture”, and inspire innovation while assisting the local entrepreneurs. Thus Tech7 was born! Tech7 is the official tech community and entrepreneurship of Beer-Sheva and the south. Tech7 was founded in January 2015, by a group of leading representatives from the Hi-Tech Park, students and local entrepreneurs. The will and vision of Tech7 was to strengthen and develop the tech community in the Beer-Sheva, and to substantiate the entire area as a technological leader on an international level. Today the community has over 14,000 members, and over 100 startups, and we are not stopping . Tech7 is a non-profit organization serving as the ecosystem catalyst of Beersheva and the Negev. Established in early 2015 by a group of young students and graduates alongside industry figures, it is an umbrella organization aiming to unify the technological-entrepreneurial community by connecting people and promoting the southern tech innovation ecosystem. Tech7 is a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and creating business and technology opportunities for the tech community. Tech7's vibrant community activities create connectivity between major ecosystem players, government, municipality, academia, local tech companies, startups, entrepreneurs, students and many more. Up until today, the organization has led and produced over 150 events, workshops and entrepreneurship courses, including the largest start-up competition in the Negev - SiliconegevBGU. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tech7 community includes 15,000 digital members, including hundreds of active community members and over a 100 start-ups based in the Negev. The organization currently consists of three active communities: Tech7 - Connecting all the major ecosystem players in the Negev Tech7Juniors - Removing barriers between teenagers and high tech Tech7 Starter - Turning students into entrepreneurs