Coneeect IN

Access: Invitation, educators and students

This is the group for all Coneeect IN members: start-ups, incubators, coaches, and other interested parties. This in an international group with the objective of supporting incubators and their start-ups to grow and internationalize. Use this group to share, connect, learn, and grow together.

Suggestions for things to post in this groups:
- Requests for support
- Sharing experiences
- Any readings/videos/ workshops that you found helpful for you and your start-up

- Requests for start-ups
- Sharing open programs
- Sharing coaching hours
- Sharing investment opportunities/grants/contests
- Sharing open incubators desk/work space
- Your events and meet ups

- Your open workshops
- Your open coaching hours

This group is by invitation only, so if you know someone who you think would provide and receive value from this group, please let Trevor McConnell (Group Supervisor) know.


Hello and welcome to the Coneeect IN Group. Please read the group description for the objective of this group and some suggestions for what you can post.