What does entrepreneurship mean to you:

In my opinion, entrepreneurship is a road that more and more people decide to take. Unlike "normal" work, entrepreneurship allows for many more experiences. It is certain that we will work more than 35 hours. However, even if you "work" 50 hours a week, it's not really work. Contributing to help tens, hundreds or even thousands of people brings a reward that erases the time spent to make a project a reality. That's what I've seen with the entrepreneurs I know and in my own projects. Entrepreneurship is also a roller coaster. We can climb very high in the emotions but also go down very low when things go less well. There is not really a balance. It's something you have to learn to manage. Finally, entrepreneurship is not a must. One can very well feel in one's work. The important thing for me is to enjoy what we do. If this is not the case, I think it is important to undertake to find a backup plan.

Short bio:

I am a professor of management and entrepreneurship since 2003 I managed several projects in entrepreneurship jury member of several competitions and national and international projects I was a trainee teacher at your place in 2012 - Coneeect