Teresa Paiva

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Professor in the field of Management and Marketing at Guarda Polytechnic Institute (IPG), Ph.D. in Management, specialization in Marketing, Consumer Behaviour area, holds a master's degree in Business Sciences, specializing in Strategic Management and Business Development and a degree in Economics. In the entrepreneurship, the area has different training where stands out the training course "Technology Entrepreneurship-Theory to Practice Seminar" of the Intel Higher Education Program and the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation of the University of California, Berkeley, and is a certified trainer of entrepreneurship education. The researches interests are in the area of marketing and green consumption behaviour where develops activity in trends and product innovation, developing different collaborations with others organizations and work as a consultant for products innovation development. Has an interest in the entrepreneurship education area, being part of PEEP, NGO, and in IPG, is the promoter and trainer of entrepreneurship, representing IPG in the coordination of the National Contest of business-oriented projects, and responsible for managing the small business accelerator /incubator for students. Is also active in development entrepreneurial projects in education, with some scientific publications, and participates in European co-financed projects in this area.

Prof. Dr. Teresa Paiva