About Coneeect U

Coneeect U is an online platform where you can find or create entrepreneurship courses, events, or projects. We hope to build an entrepreneurial network that makes entrepreneurship education more interconnected, interdisciplinary, and international. We believe that Coneeect U will be the basis for the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the future.

Vision and Education Offer

Coneeect U offers a unique opportunity to learn, experience and design new teaching methods, materials and learning outcome assessment techniques to maximise your teaching impact. You will be an active member of the lively entrepreneurship community in Europe with access to entrepreneurship experts and innovative institutions, organisations and companies!

Our mission

We believe that if we create a network of connected incubators, educators, students, coaches, start-ups, industry partners, universities, and entrepreneurship centers, we can shape the future of entrepreneurship education and venture creation to be an efficient, responsible, and innovative ecosystem.

One of the reasons for the creation of Coneeect U was because we believe that most current approaches to entrepreneurship and thus entrepreneurship education are limited. Most university entrepreneurship courses focus on the creation of new ventures. We believe that students and professors can benefit from a more holistic and personal development oriented approach that applies not only to starting a new company. but also applies more broadly to the students who do not plan to start a company.

Gedeon's (2014) published definition encompasses much of Coneeect U's philosophy:
"Entrepreneurship education encompasses holistic personal growth and transformation that provides students with knowledge. skills and attitudinal learning outcomes. This empowers students with a philosophy of entrepreneurial thinking, passion, and action-orientation that they can apply to their lives, their jobs. their communities. and/or their own new ventures."

University programs that have embraced these four domains say that: "We have found that these more inclusive, holistic. four domains of entrepreneurship allowed us to form collaborative partnerships across campus including with engineering, social sciences, humanities, art. and design. In particular. broadening the preconceived notions of entrepreneurship beyond strictly a business discipline into a more holistic philosophy of personal growth. creativity, leadership, problem solving and teamwork has encouraged the collaboration of diverse perspectives." (Turgut-Dao, et al., 2015) The definition of entrepreneurship is thus not a mere technicality. Defining it strictly in terms of starting a new venture, makes it relevant primarily to business. In contrast, Coneeect U's broader perspective makes the entrepreneurial mindset relevant to all disciplines.

Coneeect U thus embraces four primary domains of entrepreneurship:

  • Personal Empowerment, Development. Transformation and Growth
  • Entrepreneurial Action within a Corporate Context ("Intrapreneurship". "Corporate Entrepreneurship" or "Open Innovation')
  • Social Entrepreneurship ("Social Innovation" or "Change Making')
  • New Venture Startup

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Our educators are connected by their passion for entrepreneurship. Whether you are a new educator or a seasoned entrepreneurship veteran, Coneeect U will help connect to and learn from other enthusiastic minds.

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