Global entrepreneurship network for Students, Mentors, Experts and Educators Creating the Most up-to-date Entrepreneurship Courses

What value do you get?

Co-Create and join courses

Help shape the future of entrepreneurship by being a part of it! Students can join existing courses to learn about the most current and specialized information in entrepreneurship. Educators can co-create the future by working together with other like minded educators from around the world. Coneeect U hopes to enable you to be the change you want to see in the world.

Find and share new Content for entrepreneurship courses

Staying relevant is crucial for both educators and students. Students want to learn the most recent and interesting information out there to increase their chances of success when looking for employment or starting a business, and educators want to stay up to date in their field and teach the most relevant information. Coneeect U allows you to see, on an international scale, what is new, how it's being taught, and what information is used to teach it.

Co-Start & source talent for projects

Not every course on Coneeect U has to be a traditional class room or lecture learning experience. Educators can find a fellow educator to experiment with a new pedagogy, students can find a mentor to guide them in an entrepreneurial project of their own. Coneeect U is about approaching entrepreneurship education in a more holistic way.

Build a sustainable community

Coneeect U is all about connecting. Connecting students to classes and educators, connecting educators to other educators, connecting students and educators to institutions, all in the spirit of entrepreneurship. We hope that Coneeect U can help to build the entrepreneurial community of the future.


The educators in our community are connected by their passion for entrepreneurship. Whether you are a new educator or a seasoned entrepreneurship veteran, Coneeect U will help connect to and learn from other enthusiastic minds.


We are proud to work with some of the best entrepreneurial institutions in the world.


Join a group with people who share your interests.